I am not blogging that much because I’m too busy writing my Combat Boy series. I am in plot and character mode and switching out of that to blog throws my brain out of gear. When I blog, my mind seems to process ideas in slow-motion instead of at high-speed. Do I have blogger’s block? I think so because this never happens when I write fiction.

For the most part, I am a write-every-day writer. I set a goal at the beginning of each week to write a chapter. I hate not hitting my goal. I push myself to finish a day early, so I meet my deadline with flying colors. The following week my goal is to edit the chapter and polish it the best I can.

However, when I am not sitting at the computer writing my story, I flood my mind with the images, dialogue, and action for the next chapter. I act like a movie director behind the camera, focusing on each character, how they speak, move, and what they see, taste, smell, feel, and hear. I zoom in on what is interesting and amusing and cut the rest out. I run the chapter through my mind countless times until it’s a vivid memory. That’s when I love to sit at the computer and get to work. Only, it doesn’t seem like work because I know what I want to write.

Of course, pulling out the images I see in my mind and putting them on paper is never easy, but it is rewarding. Every page that I complete makes me smile. Every chapter I wrap up makes me get up and dance. Every book I finish makes me want to do it all over again.