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If anyone tells you social media marketing is easy, don’t believe them. It’s a mystery wrapped in a #puzzle and dipped in algorithms that will twist your brain into an agonizing pretzel. That being the case, my 2020 goal is to become a social media book marketing whiz. Like most indie authors, I am a glutton for punishment. Why take the easy road in life when you can climb a mountain?  As they say, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. And I want to get stronger. So, somehow, and I am not sure how, I will climb the social media marketing mountain, also known as the Soul-Crusher, in the hopes of reaching the top of its #trending peck.

Right now, I’m at ground level or base camp, where I am organizing my supplies for my social media marketing adventure.  Since September 2019, I’ve been gathering information from bloggers, honing my computer skills, hacks, tricks, and positive mojo thinking tips from YouTube influencers. Also, I subscribed to Promo, a video marketing website where I have been creating book trailers. So far, my video book trailer skills are by far the sharpest tools in my social media mountain climbing gear.


The social media outfit needed to summit #trending peck.


The book trailers below, I created to target my primary audience, kids that love video games.



As you can see, the tone of each book trailer is action-adventure.

I’ll make more videos that capture the humorous tone of my Combat Boy book series because the path to the top, I believe, is paved with humor and adventure.

Hand of a woman taking a picture of Mount Fuji with a smart phone.

Like I mentioned, I have limited technical, social media marketing climbing skills besides my video making artistry. So, the rout approaching the summit presents dangers such as poor mental health symptoms like anxiety and depression, short attention span, and unrealistic expectations, as well as significant hazards from cyberbullying and the dreaded Instagram shadow block. As of 2019 countless writers have un-plugged entirely on Soul-Crusher mountain while attempting to reach the top of #trending peck.

It will be a challenge, but I am ready to climb Soul-Crusher mountain. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to summit #trending peck to get my Combat Boy book series #1trending. I will post about my adventure and let you know what skills, tools, and influencers helped me along the way.

If you want to watch all my book trailers, as well as, book quotes and silly jokes click on this link.

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