I am using Promo.com to make promotional videos to market my book series.

Promo.com is an excellent platform with over 15 million videos in Prom’s library and over 130,000 free clips plus 1,000,000 free photos and a wide verity of music; making professional content couldn’t be easier.

It’s a very affordable way for a small business like mine to be able to produce quality video content. Promo offers monthly plans, which are month to month and annual plans, which come with a significant discount for the 12-month purchase. I did the 12-month program. My account provides 100  premium clips but unlimited use of my own uploaded content and all of their free content, so there is an endless amount of options for content creation.

I am not the best at technology, so it took me a few tries to make my first video. However, once I got it, it was a piece of cake, and now I’m hooked.

The big bonus is Promo’s vast selection of ready-made videos that increase productivity in marketing and brand awareness. Every month Promo offers a full calendar of content like Wisdom Wednesday and Throwback Friday. All you have to do is chose the video, customize it by uploading your logo, and adding your web site info. It’s that easy!



I started marketing my book series in September 2019. Writing the whole series before marketing was the best bet for me because I knew I would never finish the series because of the enormous time it takes to market a book. I am focused on making videos for my first book Combat Boy and the Monster Token, book trailer, reviews, and lines from the book. I made the video above using one premium video clip and adding some text from the critique CreateSpace Editorial gave me in 2016.

I am so happy I waited to market my book series because promo.com was not around when my first book came out. My content back then would never have been as sharp, eye-catching, and professional as it is now, thanks to Promo.